My name is Petra Hofmann, I am a Surface Pattern Designer from Germany and the head behind my Pattern Design Studio Perunoto. After graduating from University where I studied visuaI communication I worked for a Design Studio for several years. I was part of the packaging unit where I designed product packaging mainly for the organic food market. Then it was time for a new chapter of life and my husband and I decided to move to Japan. During our 4 years stay in Tokyo I've fallen in love with all the beautiful japanese patterns and products and was totally impressed of the attention to detail everywhere around me. I've also explored shodo writing (japanese calligraphy) and for almost 3 years I took private lessons. A wonderful, experienced old japanese lady was my teacher.



Back in Germany, during my first baby break, I took the e-courses The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design and I realized what I really want to do is design surface patterns! After a lot of self studying in pattern design my Homestudio Perunoto was born where I now create patterns for pretty products like textiles, stationary or children's products.


I enjoy travelling and exploring the world. I love flea markets, bookshops, my garden, big lively cities and simple, peaceful nature! All of these and my Japan experience in mind inspires me everyday to create simple bright and lively patterns that makes you feel good and smile!

So, this is my Story. My pattern journey has all began in Japan, where my Japanese friend used to call me Perunoto - a mix between my and my husbands name translated in Japanese English. Please get in touch if you are interested in working together. I would be happy to hear from you!

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